The teaching staff at A Time To Dance is committed to excellence in every way. Our teachers have a genuine love for children, a devotion to bring out the best in every student by motivating and inspiring them. We see each child as a unique and special individual and help guide them through creativity. Children young and older discover new things every day, and the dance studio is a safe and nurturing environment to do just that!

Classes for children 6 and under

Children ages 6 and under are on a journey. They are experiencing the wonders of the world everyday. Everything is new, new, new! The dance school is another one of those wonders-yet another place for young minds to explore. They’ll touch the mirrors, lose focus, perhaps hang from the barre and enjoy conversations with those around them. This is all a result of positive natural curiosity. These young minds are simply doing as they should: gathering information about the world around them.

We are here to help cultivate their creativity, develop a basic understanding of musicality, movement skills and inspiring a love for the way they move and the art of dance. We’ve developed different varieties of classes for this age group to meet the many different personalities and interests of our young dancers.

Two year old class

Creative movement classes are best suited for young dancers just starting out. Many of our 2 year olds and young 3′s find this class perfect for their pace. Here they will learn about musicality and movement skills. Creative movement is learning skipping, hopping, or clapping to the beat of music. We enhance their imagination by introducing imagery or “make believe”. With imagery we can become dancing clowns or fairies or-of coarse-a ballerina. Props are a great way we introduce the use of more motor skills-and the children love it. We use magic wands, beach balls, hula-hoops, rhythm sticks, flowers-the list is endless. This class is a wonderful introduction to dance.

Combination Classes: Tap/Ballet, Ballet/Jazz

We offer a variety of combination of dance styles to better meet the needs and personalities of our dancers. These classes continue to enhance their creativity, while strengthening their fundamental dance skills. Dancers begin learning dance terminology, rhythm, arm placement, placement of the feet and posture for each of the chosen dance styles while learning to put it

all to music. The combination classes are an hour in length devoting 30 minutes to each of the two dance styles. This class is a great way to be introduced to more than one style of dancing!

Advanced 8-10 year old classes

These are all hour-long classes devoted to the study of one chosen dance style. The Ballet class is introduced to dancing at the ballet barre and center work. They also will begin the study of ballet terminology, movement of the arms and feet, working through plié and relevé, and learning of the great stories of classical ballets.

The jazz class is taught the 7 basic movements of jazz, introducing them to stretching, movement in center and across the floor. There is also jazz terminology that will be taught in this class.

Tap class will teach individual tap steps while learning to build combinations of steps together. Tap is very percussive and is great way to learn about musicality and counting music. Tap is wonderful for those who wish to make some music. These classes are perfect for the dance enthusiast.


Jazz dance is a fusion of kicks, leaps, turns and isolations put to the beat of faster paced music. Music is upbeat and the class is high energy, put to popular music. This class is a favorite of many.

Musical Theater

Musical theater is a jazz based class that encompasses the use of acting, lip sync and hand held props to achieve that Broadway style dance. This is a fun and full entertainment class where you do as much dancing as acting. No previous experience is necessary for this class; kids of all ages love it!


Lyrical dance is just that – dancing hand in hand expressing the lyrics of the music with movement. It is a combination of ballet, jazz and modern techniques. Lyrical has a free-flowing style that is set to popular songs and ballads. This is a popular class.

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