The importance of mastering basic ballet steps early and then building ones strength slowly so that one can learn to dance correctly without risking injury is a must. Ballet teaches turns, jumps and leaps, how to take off and land properly, sudden transfers of weight from one direction to another, proper body alignment and balance. Ballet helps with agility and contributes to the ability to pick up and retain choreography. Muscle memory becomes instinctive. All other dance forms benefit form proper ballet technique. (One can enjoy the benefits and tools of ballet classes without wanting to be a ballet dancer). Ballet is the most demanding form of dance because of the precise execution of movement. It requires much discipline and patience. Reaching for ultimate perfection of balance, timing, strength execution and creative expression in ballet is an ever reaching goal for a dancer.

Combo Classes:

These classes are combo classes for pre-k up to 6 years old that include both ballet and tap.  Students will learn the basic dance positions and terms in ballet.  They will also learn tap steps and begin to put them together in combinations.

These are combination classes that include ballet and tap. This class builds on what was learned previously, and begins to put more steps together in more complex combinations.

Beginning Ballet:

Ballet Classes that focuses on introducing Ballet terminology and the basics of Ballet, while creating a solid foundation in movement and a continued love for dance.

Intermediate Ballet:

Ballet Classes that focus on developing classical technique, understanding ballet terminology, correct execution of basic steps as well as a basic understanding and application of placement and alignment. More challenging barre and center work is introduced. Preparation for pointework begins.

Advanced Ballet:

Ballet Classes that focus on building strength, increasing flexibility, coordination, and musicality. New steps are introduced in the center. Preparation for pointework begins. Pointework may be introduced at this level.

Elite Ballet:

Ballet Classes that focus on artistry and musicality, strength and coordination, as well as exactness and power while dancing. Students focus on continuing to build strength, while correctly executing more challenging steps and increasing flexibility.


Need permission from Miss Brie to enroll in beginning or advanced pointe. Beginning pointe students will go as a class to purchase shoes, so please do not buy them in advance.

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