Ballet sets the foundation for a strong technical ability and with strong ballet technique it is easier for a dancer to transition between all styles of dance. It requires discipline and dedication therefore, in the Pre-Professional Program, dancers will be expected to follow the dress code as well as follow ballet classroom etiquette. The dancer needs to be prepared to focus on their ballet training and technique. We will continue to work on strength, agility, balance, body alignment, posture and flexibility through a barre warm-up, center work and across the floor.The importance of mastering basic ballet steps early and then building ones strength slowly so that one can learn to dance correctly without risking injury is a must. Ballet teaches turns, jumps and leaps, how to take off and land properly, sudden transfers of weight from one direction to another, proper body alignment and balance. Ballet helps with agility and contributes to the ability to pick up and retain choreography. Muscle memory becomes instinctive. All other dance forms benefit form proper ballet technique. (One can enjoy the benefits and tools of ballet classes without wanting to be a ballet dancer). Ballet is the most demanding form of dance because of the precise execution of movement. It requires much discipline and patience. Reaching for ultimate perfection of balance, timing, strength execution and creative expression in ballet is an ever reaching goal for a dancer.

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