Jazz dance is a fusion of kicks, leaps, turns and isolations put to the beat of faster paced music. Music is upbeat and the class is high energy, put to popular music. Emphasis on isolations, (moving one part of the body while the other is still) Suspension (moving through a position rather than stopping there to balance), leaps, turns, and progressions. Jazz class is full of energy, and intensity! This class is a favorite of many.

8-10 year old classes:

These are combination classes that include ballet and jazz. At this age, we begin to introduce our students to basic jazz technique. The tap class that would be appropriate for this age group would be advanced 8-10 year old tap.

Advanced 8-10 year old classes:

This jazz class is taught the 7 basic movements of jazz, introducing them to stretching, movement in center and across the floor. There is also jazz terminology that will be taught in this class.

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