Tap is very percussive and is great way to learn about musicality and counting music. Tap is wonderful for those who wish to make some music. These classes are perfect for the dance enthusiast.

Dance Tap NavarrePre-K classes:

These classes are combo classes that include both ballet and tap. Students will learn the basic dance positions and terms in ballet. They will also learn tap steps and begin to put them together in combinations.

K-2nd grade classes:

These are combination classes that include ballet and tap. This class builds on what was learned previously, and begins to put more steps together in more complex combinations.

8-10 year old classes:

This tap class will teach individual tap steps while learning to build combinations of steps together.


This class is designed for the intermediate level tapper.  The class will focus on riffs, paradiddles, introduction to wings and pull backs, syncopated rhythms, and tap turns.


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