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It’s with great enthusiasm that we begin yet another season of our Performing Dance Company Program. To be a part of the program is a privilege for the student whom is serious about the advancement in their training and performance opportunities. Dedicated students thrive in the disciplined training, the focus on correct placement and advancement, the opportunity to be adjudicated by qualified judges, to perform, develop a greater respect and love for the art of dance.

We will have multiple designations this year. These designations will be based upon commitment level and time available for team. If you love to dance and want to further your dance knowledge, but don’t have the time or money to compete in several competitions each year we will have a spot for you. This will also be a great place for first time competitors to get acquainted with the competition world. If you are a serious dancer, have years of experience in the competition circuit, and want to participate in several conventions/competitions each year, we will have a spot for you too. Class requirements will be different for each level team. More detailed information will be given out at the parents meeting following auditions.

Choreographers this year will include some of the best in the World.  Robert Hoffman, Nick Gonzalez, Rustin Matthew, Jenn Parsley, Balta Monkiki, and Nicole Kirkland are already scheduled and they are available for solos and special groups too!  

After auditions, you will be given an opportunity sheet with a list of possible extra dances for your child based on this interest form. You will then choose which dances you would like to participate in. You will have rehearsal times scheduled during the normal dance year to prepare for competition.

As always we are looking forward to servicing your dancing needs and excited about the start of another wonderful dance season.


Miss Brie and Mr Robert

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