Dear Parents,

Here is an important packet of information concerning the dance recital and dress rehearsal. Please look over this carefully so you will be prepared for both of these events.

Dress Rehearsal will be during class 5/18/15 and 5/22/15-5/28/15. Please be sure to have your dancer in full costume and stage makeup.

Recital will be May 29th at the Pensacola Little Theater. There are three shows this year.

Show 1: Starts at 5:00 p.m., drop-off at 4:30

Show 2: Starts at 6:30 p.m., drop off at 6:00

Show 3: Starts at 8:00 p.m., drop off at 7:30

Drop Off Locations: Creative Movement, 3/4s, 4/5s, 5/6s and Beginning levels will all be dropped off at “The Courtroom” entrance off of Zaragoza St.

Dancers in Intermediate, Advanced, Pre-professional, and Competition dances will check in at the backstage entrance off of Main St.

Please have them dressed in their first costume with their hair and makeup done. You will not be able to enter the backstage area. The theatre will open for seating 15 minutes before the performance start.

For recital, all the students will be backstage with our volunteer helpers. Helpers will line them up and walk them backstage when it is time for them to go back. Helpers will get students changed backstage when it is time for a costume change. Parents will not be allowed backstage for recital unless there is an emergency. This is for the safety of the dancers. We will have teachers with the preschool groups, and they will provide entertainment, snacks, and peace of mind for all of you watching. Dancers must remain backstage until the end of their show. No exceptions.

Release Procedures: Creative Movement, 3/4s, 4/5s, 5/6s, and Beginning level classes will be brought back to “The Courtroom” after they dance. They will need to be signed out by one parent only at the door between the Atrium and “The Courtroom.”

Tickets will be on sale ONLINE starting May 18th! Dancers are automatically allowed to enter the show. For each dancer, you will receive one free ticket that you must pick up during one of the designated days. All other tickets are $10 per show (adult and children) and can be purchased ahead of time. All balances must be paid before receiving tickets to the performance.

Recording the Dances: During the recital, we have a professional videographer taping the performance. A copy of the video is included in your recital fee. Video cameras will be held by the theatre if brought to the performance. Cameras will be allowed, however, please no flash photography on stage. This is a distraction to the dancers and is for their safety. Please remind family members.

Hair: Your child’s hair should be worn in a bun, unless given special instructions. If costumes have hairpieces, make sure the pieces are labeled with a name somewhere and that they have a way of being attached to her hair. Please use hairspray or gel to hold hair in place.

Costumes: If your child has 2 or more dances, please put extra costumes in a large brown paper bag labeled with your child’s name.

Bags need to include the following:
• All costume pieces for other dances. Each item should be labeled with your child’s name.
• Shoes for other dances. Tap shoes should have ribbons, elastic, or strings to match the color of the shoe.
• Bobby pins (for hair emergencies) safety pins (for costumes) other tights, if needed.

Under garments: Panties are not to be worn under costumes!

For older girls, a flesh-colored thong can be worn. Make sure bras don’t show. For some costumes, a bra is not needed, for others, a strapless may have to be worn.

Makeup: The dancers should wear stage makeup for rehearsal and recital. Stage makeup is important because it will make their faces and expressions show up better from a distance and under the stage lights.

For very young girls: blush, eye shadow, powder, and lipstick is enough
For young girls: powder, blush, eye shadow, lipstick, and mascara.
For older girls and teens: foundation, blush, lipstick, eye shadow, liner, mascara, and powder.

Volunteers: If you would like to be a volunteer backstage, please, send an email. Also, if you know anyone who would like to help with show please let us know. It takes a pretty big crew to put on this show!

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you parents! We have enjoyed your kids this year and are looking forward to a wonderful evening with our ATTD stars!


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